Rastelli农村项目赚钱: 'Dzeko goal was a foul'

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“We lacked the final ball to create truly important scoring opportunities,” the Coach told Mediaset Premium.

“We knew Roma were strong, so tried to close down网络外围投注 the flanks and go on the counter. There are regrets, as there were five or six situations we could’ve done better on, usually beca真人外围投注use we made the wrong final pass, but the performance was good. We pushed them to the end.”

“In those situations, you usually give the benefit of the doubt to the defender. I’d have loved to see what would’ve happened if Dzeko was the def六合投注网站ender and grabbed hold of the striker like that.

“Once Roma took the lead, we were unable to really trouble them. The important thing is we’ve found a certain solidity, as we push sides like Roma and Milan to the final whistle, which half a season ago didn’t happen.

Massimo Rastelli felt Roma’s winning goal should’ve been disallowed for a push on Nicola Murru. “It looked like a foul.”

“Dzeko made the most of his physicality on the goal and we respect the decision of the referee, but from where I was standing it looked like a foul.

Edin Dzeko got the only goal of the game at the Stadio Olimpico,